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Mick Connealy attends annual American Bar Association meeting in Boston, MA

Mick Connealy attended the annual meeting of the American Bar Association in Boston, MA. Mick is the District 3B representative for the Young Lawyers Division of the Iowa Bar Association, and he attended the meeting along with the officers of the Iowa Young Lawyers Division, who served as delegates at the meeting of the Young Lawyers Division of the American Bar Association. This year the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division debated and passed several important resolutions, including a resolution for the American Bar Association to encourage governing bodies to allow non-locally-licensed in-house counsel to provide pro-bono services to the public.

Mick also had the honor of meeting renowned constitutional law scholar Laurence Tribe, who has taught constitutional law at Harvard Law School since 1967 and whose former law students include Chief Justice John Roberts and President Barack Obama.