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Mick Connealy presents at seminar on Iowa’s Power of Attorney Act

Mick Connealy recently gave a presentation on Iowa’s Uniform Power of Attorney Act to a group of local attorneys. The seminar was hosted by Iowa Legal Aid as part of their annual continuing education seminar for attorneys. His fellow presenters included Iowa Supreme Court Justice Daryl Hecht and Iowa District 3B Chief Judge Duane Hoffmeyer.

In 2014, Iowa enacted the Uniform Power of Attorney Act which provides for a grant of uniform authority to agents for financial decisions. “If you currently have a Power of Attorney in place, it is likely valid in spite of the new law. However, it could be beneficial to you to review your current Power of Attorney and consider revising it to comply with the new law.”

Mick practices mainly in the areas of Estate Planning and Estate and Trust Administration. Contact Mick Connealy if you wish to review your current Power of Attorney or learn more about Iowa’s new Power of Attorney Act.