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Sharese Whitesell participates in Morningside Civic Union Forum

Crary Huff attorney Sharese Whitesell and other local leaders participated in a forum about human trafficking that was hosted by the Morningside Civic Union on October 21st. The purpose of the forum was to discuss this serious issue and bring awareness about it to the community. Sharese’s experience with the Junior League of Sioux City training local hotels and motels about realizing, recognizing, and responding to human trafficking made her an important participant on the panel.

According to Sharese and the forum, human trafficking is considered modern day slavery. There are more people being “trafficked” in today’s world than before the abolishment of slavery. Sex trafficking is estimated to make up 80-85% of all trafficking, making it the biggest criminal industry in the world. To put it in perspective, the annual revenue of Starbucks for 2020 was $19.16 billion. Human trafficking is a $150 billion industry, which is tax free.

We are glad Sharese was able to bring her perspective and experience to this forum, along with other leaders in the community. 

Sharese‘s practice focuses on family law, criminal defense, business litigation, worker’s compensation, employment law, corporate/business law, real estate, and estate planning.