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Criminal Defense

Being accused of a crime can be stressful. Don’t go through the process alone. Our skilled defense attorneys are ready to listen, investigate and provide a strong, strategic defense.

Our firm has extensive expertise in criminal defense practice in the courts of Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota. Our firm offers counseling and representation for clients accused of a variety of crimes, from drug offenses and OWIs/DUIs to assaults and burglaries, and for any felonies or misdemeanor offenses.

We advise you on the best approach to take and provide a realistic assessment of the available options and probable outcomes. We then work tenaciously to develop the strongest defense. Our strength lies in preparation, which allows us to defend you with the utmost skill and confidence.

Legal proceedings can be long and costly. Sometimes a plea bargain will prove to be the most favorable alternative to fighting a criminal charge in court. If a plea bargain needs to be negotiated to settle a case, we will strive to obtain the best possible deal for you. However, we will never take the easy way out. Whether it is through a trial or negotiations, it is our priority to achieve the best outcome for you


David Briese

David’s civil litigation practice consists of representing plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury cases, collection actions, business litigation, property disputes, and many others. David’s criminal practice consists of representing people accused of crimes in state court in Iowa and Nebraska. David has successfully defended cases ranging from traffic tickets to felonies. David also practices municipal law and provides legal services to municipalities in Iowa and Nebraska.

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