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Family Law

Our family law attorneys are here to assist you through the difficult times in your life. With extensive experience handling divorce, custody cases, legal separations, child support and contempt matters, Our breadth of expertise across all of our areas of practice will make the process easier for you.

Divorce and separation tend to cause stress and emotional turmoil. The transition period is often wrought with uncertainty due to the many personal and legal challenges associated with it. Our attorneys are committed to guiding individuals, couples and families through the entire divorce process, from the divorce planning stage to post-judgment action, as well as other areas of family law.

When you contact us, our attorneys will offer you an objective assessment of your legal situation, and then present practical solutions. Whether it is understanding your financial rights while navigating a complex premarital agreement, or obtaining custody of your child, our firm has decades of experience in handling a full range of family law matters.

We pride ourselves on our tailor-made approach in which we strive to find the solutions that work best for each client. We provide practical advice with realistic outcomes. Our family law attorneys clearly explain all the options that are available to you with the understanding that along with emotional support, sound legal guidance is key during this difficult time.

When it comes to divorce, lengthy, costly court battles are not always the best route to go. We believe that time and money are important resources, and whenever possible, our firm aims to provide clients with alternatives to trial and litigation, such as out-of-court settlements.

However, if mediation is not in the best interests of our client, we are prepared to go to court in order to obtain the appropriate settlement. Our family law attorneys know when to suggest compromise or take an aggressive approach. Our family law team is equipped with top-notch negotiators, as well as skilled litigators.

Guidance in sensitive custody issues
We can also guide you on how to deal with sensitive custody disputes, adoption, child support and alimony issues. Children are often the most deeply affected during divorce proceedings, and their rights must be protected. When determining custody arrangements, we understand that the best interests of your child come first.

There are many variables involved with alimony and child support, such as the division of assets and the circumstances of the divorce. Alimony, also known as spousal support, is a monthly payment that one spouse makes to another after a court decision or settlement agreement. Child support refers to the amount that the noncustodial parent has to pay to the child’s caretaker.

Family law matters are complex and often overlap with other areas such as business law, estate planning and domestic violence. Here, our breadth of expertise across all areas of practice serves us well. Our attorneys can provide clients with a range of specialist services that address these issues as they emerge during the course of legal proceedings.

Sabrina L. Sayler

Sabrina L. Sayler

Sabrina LaFleur-Sayler is a Partner in the Litigation Team at Crary Huff Law Firm specializing in Domestic Relations and Family Law cases and Civil Litigation cases. She practices primarily out of our South Dakota office and works tirelessly to ensure her clients understand at the outset how their case will progress and continues to keep them informed every step of the way. She believes regular and open communication is the key to her client’s success.

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