Why Choose Us

Our practice began in the Sioux City area more than 100 years ago. Since then, we have built a presence in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota and South Sioux City, Nebraska. We have always been, and will always be, dedicated to serving the Siouxland area's legal needs.

We value straight talk and timely action.  From the complex needs of businesses or the personal needs of individuals, we are committed to listen and find answers tailored to your needs. 

Our Community
We have helped shape our community over the past century. We have represented those who have made this area what it is and now we represent those that are shaping its future. In our work with individuals, we see every aspect of life: we interact with individuals in family law matters, accidents, illnesses, employment, the purchase of a home, estate planning, and the many decisions that families make. We’ve been here through our community’s ups and downs, gains and losses, both business and personal.  We’re proud to be part of it.

Always Learning
We are proud of our history, but we never stop looking to the future.  As the legal environment changes, we keep pace every step of the way. We invest in cutting edge technology to ensure our work is completed with efficiency, security, and precision.

Our Passions
While we are passionate about our work, we are also passionate about giving back.  Our attorneys hold countless leadership roles in not only our bar associations, but our community.  Our attorneys serve in a wide range of roles, ranging from serving on Iowa Supreme Court committees to volunteering with any number of local organizations dedicated to enhancing our community. Simply put, we consider it essential to get involved and give back.

We strive to be highly responsive. We get back to people quickly, and we make sure that all of the members of our team are engaged and knowledgeable about what’s going on with each client.